The importance of blogging for that SEO, yo!

Good lawd! So what's a girl to do when the work that she still wants to live on the internet needs a home but no longer fits into one of her website categories? SHE BLOGS 😱

On this blog I'll dump all the projects and assignments that I have that I still love & enjoy -- but unfortunately no longer have a home on my candyland-esque web portfolio. 

Don't expect mind-blowing copy. I'm a picture lady, remember?

Now here's some pictures of a cat I recently tested in-studio just because he's cute and I legit blew my own socks off with how sharp of details I was able to capture on this wiggly escape artist. This cat was NOT a fan of my strobes -- hence the startled face 😂

Behold, Ash the cat:



Wait for it....let's push in on this image just to show of the detail of these ocean blue eyes....


Now check this out -- profile view detail. You can see the curvature of the freaking lens on his eye. Insane! 


There's a ton more from Ash's test shoot that I love. Lots of hilarious ones. Cats have so much personality in their faces. I seriously caught so many meme-ready captures. Culling kept me laughing. Maybe some day I'll make some memes from this session.